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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's 2014

Goodness so much life has happened in the past 9 months.  Is it #5 that causes the death of the blog?  So many reasons to write things down... it's those same reasons I want to go to bed at night and not linger later on the computer.

Valentine's 2014 was the same as years past, pink milk, pink toilet water, raspberry french toast, and hearts.  Lots and lots of hearts.  So much to love in this blessed life of mine.

The midnight ensemble after prepping breakfast and treats and toilets and mirrors for the hazy eyes of little ones come morning.

Jonathan was post call this Valentines and didn't have to go into work.  That is a first in a long time.  I usually like to plaster his car with some sort of Valentine but this year he found them in our bedroom instead.  We spent the day redeeming $355 worth of pop cans and bottles for a cub scout fundraiser.  We hauled an entire trailer and pick-up load of cans to Medford for redemption in the down pouring rain.  Ahhh... one more reason I love the man.  Nothing says romance like sticky, stinky cans and rain pouring off your nose as you unload bag after bag after bag of other people's garbage.
That my friends is real romance.

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