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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's 2014

Goodness so much life has happened in the past 9 months.  Is it #5 that causes the death of the blog?  So many reasons to write things down... it's those same reasons I want to go to bed at night and not linger later on the computer.

Valentine's 2014 was the same as years past, pink milk, pink toilet water, raspberry french toast, and hearts.  Lots and lots of hearts.  So much to love in this blessed life of mine.

The midnight ensemble after prepping breakfast and treats and toilets and mirrors for the hazy eyes of little ones come morning.

Jonathan was post call this Valentines and didn't have to go into work.  That is a first in a long time.  I usually like to plaster his car with some sort of Valentine but this year he found them in our bedroom instead.  We spent the day redeeming $355 worth of pop cans and bottles for a cub scout fundraiser.  We hauled an entire trailer and pick-up load of cans to Medford for redemption in the down pouring rain.  Ahhh... one more reason I love the man.  Nothing says romance like sticky, stinky cans and rain pouring off your nose as you unload bag after bag after bag of other people's garbage.
That my friends is real romance.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Toothpaste on my phone

Maggie finally grew enough hair to use a barrette.  I was so proud of this little darling that I wanted to take a picture and send it to my mom.  LOOK GRANDMA MY FIRST BARRETTE!  When the phone session in the bathroom mirror was finished I smiled in utter delight.  My first photo.  Almost got the angle I wanted.  Put phone down on bathroom counter.  Adjust my hold on Maggie.  Pick up phone.  Take a second shot. 

Even more significant than the perfect shot of Maggie's very first barrette was my incidental perfect shot of my perfect REAL life.  Toothpaste smudges picked up from the bathroom counter on the white face of my phone.  I will forever cherish that picture.  The beginnings of greatness captured in real life.  I love these nuggets I call kids.

Friday, May 17, 2013


I had some ideas for some pictures to take with Maggie and the boys.  However Maggie just wasn't in the mood so I relinquished.  This was as good as I got.
(Notice, however, her toenails do match her outfit.)

Father and Son's Campout

Father and Son's Campout 2013... 
It only took 11 years for me to have my 
very first
 true blue 
100% genuine
 partner in crime to celebrate the occasion.

We planted tomatoes, ate nothing but steamed broccoli for dinner (there was no one here to tell me it was yucky) and I PAINTED MY OWN TOENAILS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY MARRIED LIFE.

I painted Maggie's too.  

I know how you feel gal -

From birth I sat alone in church with my mother and six siblings.  It was all I ever knew and miraculously my blessed mother had all seven of us to church every week 15 minutes early (this is not an exaggeration this was Olsen family LAW) and we didn't dare get rowdy.  Initially that was because as Bishop my dad would sit on the stand and give us the furrowed brow, lowered corner mouth look and raise his big giant pointer finger in our direction.  Ya, it was a death stare and it worked.  I remember him taking me out of sacrament meeting once for being down right naughty and we went into the men's bathroom and I got a spanking.  Then he sat me up in a tall windowsill where I couldn't get down from and shook that big scary dad finger at me and told me I had better learn to sit reverent.  It terrified me for life.  I learned to hold still and be quiet.  It was a good thing because he was called from being a bishop to the Stake Presidency and it wouldn't be until my junior year of high school that he would sit with our family in church again.

Now Maggie, I'm not saying you won't see your dad again until you are ready to fly the coop but chances are you may spend a good few years sitting with just Ma in sacrament meeting.  When Jonathan was sustained to the High Council last Sunday the High Counselor had him remain standing and said, "Now everyone take a long look at Brother Jenson.  I want you to know who he is because it will be a good 10-12 years before you see him in your ward again."  The congregation laughed and little Matthew welled up with tears not quite understanding why his dad wasn't going to be coming to church with him anymore.  He curled up on his lap and sobbed through Sacrament meeting.  It broke my heart.  He really loves his Dad.  So do I.  We explained that he was just going to be serving in another ward and would MOST ASSUREDLY be going to church just at a different time and for a lot more hours on Sunday (lucky Dad).  And on a rare occasion we may get him with us. 

(For any who may read this blog that are not members of our church, Jonathan received a calling to serve in a leadership position that simply has him serve with a broader group of people in our church than our own congregation.  He attends during other congregations church services and meetings and serves/teaches them.)

And so we begin our adventure of Mom and the not so reverent clan sitting alone on Sunday.
Wish. Me. Luck.
Lots of Luck - P.L.E.A.S.E.

And so dear Maggie, I know how you feel to know nothing else than just Mom at church (it has it's advantages)

However because Jonathan received a new calling we did get a very special treat of having Grandma and Grandpa Jenson come back to Grants Pass and visit.  Jonathan's father Eugene C. Jenson ordained Jonathan a High Priest in the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-Day Saints on May 8th, 2013.  We were so thankful they made the effort to come and share this special occasion with our growing family.  Here our a few pictures of the posse that evening after the boys had run around outside the church playing tag and and getting nice and sweaty. 


Yep, them's my Grandpa Jenson's ears.  I may not carry on the family name but by golly I will carry on those Jenson ears.

I look at this picture and have this brief moment of wonder... who is this women and what the heck happened?  Where did all of these children come from?  Did I really do all of this?  When?  I remember my mom expressing the same sentiments and now I really get why.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today's two favorite conversations

Conversation #1:  Michael discovered a really fun new way to play with his plastic army men.  He loads them into a mini frying pan and takes off running with them.  Andrew, recognizing the exquisite joy that is being had in this new found game REALLY wants a turn cooking up toy soldiers.  So as Michael reenters the kitchen Andrew approaches him and in his sweet as honey, high pitched, nicest big brother ever voice willingly throws himself under the bus for Michael's sake and well being and says, "Michael, do you want me to hold these for you so you can go and play with another toy?"  Michael paused, "Ummm, nope."  And off he ran.  Jonathan and I got a good laugh out of it.

Conversation #2:  Tonight while Jonathan was tucking the two big boys in bed, "Okay boys, get to bed.  I love ya.  You need to get some sleep so we can be up early because I'm taking you to school again tomorrow.""...YOU ARE!!??," they reply.  "Yea, but this time let's not get pulled over by the cops okay?"
I do have to hand it to the man.  He has driven the boys to school maybe 5 times the entire year.  I have been dead dog sick with strep throat.  Jonathan hadn't sleep more than 5 hours in 48 hours, had been at work until 1:30am only to be greeted by a bright eyed child that was AWAKE when he got home and didn't want to sleep, only to be called back to the hospital before sleep had settled in and scurried home by 7:30 am because his fever stricken chill ridden wife hadn't been out of bed for 2 days and he wanted her to stay there and not have to take the boys to school.  The night before he was up changing the bedding for his sickly wife (ummm me) who had broken out in a sweat so badly she had soaked her side of the bed and pillow and clothes and was huddled in a ball shaking on his side of the bed looking for warmth.  Not to mention working all day, running the boys to everything everywhere and doing all the grocery shopping.  Truly the only thing the man hadn't bent over backwards to do was nurse the baby... but I can't really blame him for that.  And what does his mad dash pace to save the world, and his wife get him?  I big fat disco lit parking spot dead center in front of the elementary school with cars having to squeeze around and behind the police car to get to the drop of zone.  Lucky guy huh?  I guess the one thing he had going for him was he was running a little behind and not every parent in the county saw his claim to fame.  Gotta love that man.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Queen Bee

I had this idea for some really cute pictures to take with Maggie.  It didn't go as well as I was wanting.  She just wasn't in the mood. This was the best one I got so I gave up.  
(Take note, her toenails do match her outfit)